Sunday, September 30, 2012

Castro Triple Play Puzzle

Earlier this week I was given the entire 9-card Starlin Castro puzzle from the Panini Triple Play card set.  My good friend, Vince, gave it to me as an early birthday present!

Well, made a quick trip out and found a frame that advertised it was ideal for comic books and magazines because it would give them the appearance of floating in the frame.  Huh, it didn't say anything about baseball card puzzles, but it was down 40% so what the heck!  The best $5.40 I've spent to today!

Here's the puzzle in the frame 14-inch by 11-inch frame.  I guess it does kind of look like it just floating in there.

And here's a shot of my newest piece of art hanging in my own personal gallery, known as the Man Room!  Thanks again, Vince!