Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Chiefs lose Cubs, sign with Cards

It's been the worst kept secret in minor league baseball that the Cubs were pulling out of Peoria and moving up the road to Kane County.  Today the Peoria Chiefs were able to sign a four year player development contract with the St. Louis Cardinals.

I'm not happy about losing the Cubs, but the next best option moved back into Peoria.  This is good for baseball in Peoria.  Silver lining?  Yep, I suppose so.

There's a solid Cardinal fan base in Peoria, and some would argue that it is stronger than the Cubs'. I'm not a Cardinal hater and I've been known to root for them in the playoffs on occasion.  That being said, I'll still frequent games, but probably with not the same appetite I once had. 

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  1. Just to remind you (in case you've forgotton), you have one parent who was raised on Cardinal ball and loved it, plus your grandfather was a HUGE fan... not to mention one particular uncle who still loves the Cards. Hey, it could have been MUCH worse--could have been a White Sox affiliate! Yikes! Mom