Thursday, June 25, 2020

Folder of Fun: Page 9

The Folder of Fun, as I like to call it, has been in the works for about three years. That's about the time I stopped buying retail and hobby packs and began tracking down cards which fit a certain general description: FUN.  Here's a link to the first post in this series if you'd like to go back and catch up. 

Page 9 seems to feature a bunch of pairs. Two cards of Braves from early 80's Fleer, a pair of cards with guys jumping on them and a duo showing off over-sized sporting equipment. Enjoy!

1996 Topps, #136 - Hideo Nomo
I'm not sure how "fun" this card is, but it is awesome. Baseball players signing autographs is just plain terrific, but when it's The Tornado and the card has a rookie cup it easily rates as a 12 out of 10. Just saying'.

2017 Topps Stadium Club, #104 - Ryon Healy
I wonder how many headsets and mics a TV crew will go through during a typical baseball season.

1984 Fleer, #182 - Glenn Hubbard
What's better? The big snake, Hubbard's facial hair, the powder blue uniform or The Phanatic photo-bombing the shot before photo-bombing was a thing?

1992 Upper Deck, #780 - Turk Wendell
The back of this card must be included.
Upper Deck failed to mention Wendell brushed his teeth between innings because he didn't like the taste of black licorice. He only chewed the licorice because he thought pitchers who chewed tobacco were intimidating, and black licorice was a decent substitute for chewing tobacco.

2018 Topps Stadium Club, #187 - Dustin Pedroia
Lots of autographs on that glove!

1993 Topps, #200 - Kirby Puckett
I'm sure pitchers felt like Kirby Puckett's bat was actually that big.

1999 Topps, #274 - Brian Hunter
This is just a another great card. The dirty knee makes the card for me.

1983 Fleer, #141 - Rick Mahler
To my knowledge, this is the only card of a player signing baseballs in the clubhouse. Also, he's wearing #42!

1991 Upper Deck, #258 - Jose Lind
The front of the card is okay. The back is where it's at!
That's Mike LaValliere on the back. You earn three bonus points if you can give LaValliere's nickname without looking it up! Oh, and yes, this is an example of the information which rattles around inside my head. (*Bonus points have not monetary or baseball card value.)

I'm working on another 9-card page of fun baseball photos, but I only have a few so far and I'd prefer to post a full page of cards. For those of you who are curious I have Jose Canseco pumping iron, Bip in a sombrero and Nick Hundley post pie-in-the-face.

The next post will venture into a different section of the Folder of Fun. Stay tuned!


  1. I guess all it took for you to no longer hate Healy was for him to no longer be a threat to Vogelbach's playing time ;).

  2. Hubbard, Turk and Mahler - I need to chase these three. he back of Lind is also one of my faves! Lovin' the fun binder!

  3. Solid page! Some true classics there. I showed the Hubbard to my son just now and he was impressed.

  4. Brian Hunter doing his best Repo Man imitation.

  5. Damn. Lind has some hops. And I've always wondered what the deal was with Hubbard and the snake.

  6. You could probably fill a page with just fun Jose Lind cards.