Monday, September 5, 2016

What's There To Be Sorry About?

So, I'm the junior varsity softball coach for my local middle school. Most schools only have a varsity team, but we keep 6th graders in our program so we always have enough to make a second team. They're raw . . . both athletically and in their knowledge of the game.  But, the have always give 100% and they come to practice everyday with more energy than I know what to do with. I think their last teacher of the school day just gives them sugar to torture me.

We finished our JV season last week and we went 2-3-1. Yes, we tied . . . try not to get hung up on that . . . it is JV middle school softball after all. Unfortunately, we had four games rained out. This Wednesday our varsity team will begin playing in regional competition, which means our season will end shortly. I always enjoy helping coach the varsity because I can add a little levity to things, which I like to think I'm good at. :)
It's nice A.J. thinks of me as a coach, because it's a big part of who I am.  Oh, and what's this about a Lee Smith card?

Before we get to Big Lee, let's take a look at some other Cubs cards that A.J. sent me.
 I don't know much about Ray Burris, but this is a pretty sweet looking card.  (Yeah, I know it says "Mets" on it, but I still like it.)

It's rare when my Kerry Wood database doesn't help me when I get a new card. It says I have a silver foil AND a red foil card from this set, but of which card? One of these is new to my collection.
 As you can see from the backs they have the same number!  What in the world?
 Huh, will wonders never cease. Everything is the same on the back except the picture.

This Kerry Wood card is much easier to identify. 2010 Flagship. Base. So much easier.
Pacific, why do you have to be so crazy?
 Topps Bunt!  I pulled the Zobrist from a pack and I bought the Sandberg at my LCS for a buck.
 AJ sent me 90% of the Cubs 2016 Topps Bunt team set. Rizzo?  Where you at?

BOOM!  Keischnick and . . . Turk Lown? He got his first name because he loved eating Turkey.  Yeah, I stole that little factoid right from The Lost Collector. I'm such a bad blogger.
I thought I was done with the package and I still hadn't found the Lee Smith from A.J.'s note.  But then I found this wood-bordered beauty sandwiched between Kieschnick and Lown.
 I have an IP auto of Big Lee, but I think this is probably a TTM. To think that Lee Smith's hand smudged the signature is soooooo sweet!  I'm sure A.J. was a little bummed when this arrived in his mailbox, but I couldn't be happier!  Lee's an excellent dude and a terrific ambassador for Cubs baseball.

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  1. Hope you needed a few of these. For the Kerry Wood - I think one might be the gold foil version? I don't remember.

    And sorry about the Burris. I totally didn't realize it said Mets on it.