Thursday, September 15, 2016

Cubs on Cards from Cards on Cards

Kerry, the Cardinal-loving author of Cards on Cards, sent me a nice #SuperTrader package the other day. On the included note he mentioned something about scraping the bottom of the barrel with his Cubs.
 Panini stickers?  This is a sweet way to start off an unexpected package!

I was just flipping through my binders the other day and noticed how few cards of Sarge I actually have. Mid 80's Fleer is something I have very little of in my collection. Period.
 And here's a little more. Those red wristbands sure do pop on this card!

 Fan favorites!  Matt Stairs wearing a BP jacket with the sleeves rolled up.  Mitch Williams has the sleeves down. Either way, I wish I had a jacket like that to wear as I cruise into school every morning.

 Ahhhh!  Earl Cunningham!  I remember when he was drafted in the first round and then came to play for the Peoria Chiefs.  He was built like a house and stood out like a men among boys. That was back in the day when teams drafted athletes and thought they could teach anybody to hit.

A 1994 Topps Gold card of Rick Wilkins from a spring training shoot. Classy.  Very Classy.  For what it's worth, he's another guy who played in P-town.

 The 1987 Topps card of Ed Lynch was in the package, and it reminded me of this awesome sketch card I received a few years back from dayf.

Babe Herman and Riggs Stephenson
 I didn't know there were older Conlon cards. I mean, I know about the one's from the early 90s with the black borders, but I like these even more! These are from 1988 and I love the fact they are full bleed.
 I'm going to pose like this pose from Jolly Cholly as much as I can this spring when I coach my high school team. Maybe I'll wear my socks high this year, too.

Any card back that mentions a banjo is a fantastic card back! I've always been a fan of the Conlon write-ups on the backs.

Bottom of the barrel?  I would be lucky to always have it so good.

Thanks for the great cards, Kerry! And, good luck to your Redbirds as they try to secure a playoff spot.

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