Sunday, September 11, 2016

'97 Metal Universe Help for Two!

Mark, a non-blogging reader, reached out me a few weeks ago about conducting a trade centered around the 1997 Metal Universe set. Unfortunately, that was when school started and I was coaching. Time was scarce. Right when things slowed down and I thought I could complete my end of the deal I caught a cold and then had water enter in the man room. Argh.

Life. Sometimes it gets in the way of cardboard hobbies.  Am I right?

Mark sent fourteen cards my way and now I only need fifteen more to complete my set.  I could only find two duplicates to him out, but I supplemented those with some cards of the Athletics and Giants.  I've also added his wants to my 1997 Metal Universe page, because maybe somebody out there can help the both of us?  If you find you have cards to help Mark, then I'll gladly trade for them and ship them his way.

I really like the Metal series.  So creative, shiny and colorful.
 Oddly enough, of the fourteen cards in Mark's package, my three favorites were all players for the Cardinals.  I think that must be a first.

Thanks for the trade Mark! Your cards should reach you by the end of the week. Sorry again for the tardiness!


  1. 1997 Metal was pretty awesome. It was definitely outrageous.

  2. Love that set and in football 1997 Metal was amazing , I loved that set and how cool the Marvel comic book guys designed the cards

  3. Metal Universe feels like something Marvel would do. It was insane, but I love it.