Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Woof and a Brew

The VOGELMONSTER made his MLB Debut on September 12th so I treated myself to a bit of a shopping spree.

Of the cards I purchased this was the big one:
 Woof.  It's a graded and autographed Bowman Sterling card of the VOGELMONSTER!

"Woof." I think that's what TLC and ZZ would say in such a scenario. Not bad for $7.50 shipped. I'll take that everyday and twice on Sundays.

On to the brew.

I wanted to pick up a six pack to bring to my friend's house for Monday Night Football. Oh, and if you haven't heard . . . the Bears are NOT good. (I'm predicting a top 5 draft pick.)

Anyways. I was looking for O'Fallon Wheach, because a good fruit wheat beer is hard to find in these parts. But, right next to the Wheach in the cooler was this:
Lionstone Peanut Butter Back 40 Wheat Ale. For the record, I love anything peanut butter. We usually run out of spoons in the flatware drawer first because I can't help but take a spoonful of peanut butter when I pass through the kitchen. I think I need a 10-step program. It's that bad.

The beer?  Nope. I tried one, was able to get it down and I left the rest of the six pack in my friend's refrigerator. It was very peanut buttery. Supposedly, it should be paired with doughnut holes or fruit pizza. My friend said I should pour it over a slice of break and make a PB&J sandwich. I'll try anything once, but I won't be trying this beer a second time.

That's it from Central Illinois where everyone is thinking baseball. It's a fun time of year.

Have a good conclusion to your week and thanks for reading!


  1. Great deal! I was watching Vogelbach on MLB network the other day at the plate, glad to see you are still collecting his stuff.

  2. The Duff Peanut Butter lager has come true! It joins Skittlebrau as beers invented first by the Simpsons.

  3. I've had a few peanut butter beers over the years, but none of them have really been worth revisiting. Belching Beaver is a brewery in San Diego that supposedly has the best. They make a lot interesting stouts. I had a horchata one from them that was outstanding.

  4. Woof indeed, congrats on a great card.

  5. I'd give that PB brew a shot. I think I had the Belching Beaver that Matt mentioned, and it was pretty good.

    Great Vogelmonster!