Sunday, September 4, 2016

Finally Some Time for the Hobby

I've been pretty busy since the school year started and my blogging has suffered. But, I have three days off from teaching, two from coaching, my wife is out of town and I'm hanging low while trying to recover from a head cold.
My man room, which resides in the basement, took on a drenching earlier in the week and trade packages are piling up on me. The rest of my major responsibilities (cleaning house and grading papers) are out of the way and I couldn't be happier to have a little more than a day to dedicate to my hobby.

So, let's rip into that first trade package!  This one comes from Chris, who used to have a blog and is now just getting back into collecting. He's also a Cubs fan!  I promised Chris some of my Cubs dupes. I'm happy to have all of these packages to go through, because I'm sure I'll find a few duplicates along the way.

Let's see what Chris sent my way!
 Reed Johnson is one of my favorites and has a page in my "Cubs of the Past" binder.   Great way to start.
 Hey, so does Doug Glanville!
 I'm seeing a pattern here.  Ole #29 is in that binder also!
 You know Dunston and Dawson are in those pages as well.
 Here's a couple more of The Hawk. I love the Topps Glossy All-Stars. So simple.
 Rod Beck. He would have been a perfect fit for the 2016 Cubs.  I think Joe Maddon would have loved him.
I have that Glenallen Hill card on the left, but I think it'll go underneath the glass on my homemade entertainment center. He was quite the masher! The card on the right is new to me and the picture was obviously taken during a jog around the bases. Very nice.
 Nomah!  My Nomar collection was twelve cards in size.  Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm close to twenty unique cards now. It's probably time for a second page.  Nice!
 I think the same can be said for my Matt Clement (in a Cubs uniform) collection. It's time for a new page!
Fergie!  He's in a different binder . . . "Cub Greats from Before I Collected".
Brooks Kieschnick is in one of my Player Collection binders. Along with this guy:
 Kid K!  I think I have many of these cards of Kerry Wood, but I know for a fact the one on the right is new to my collection. That card features some serious flamethrowers!

 Last up, we have Kosuke Fukudome, but these weren't the only two in the package. . .
There were TWENTY-NINE more Fukudome cards in the package!  The pictured cards above are ones I'm sure I don't already have. 

There were was about five other cards of players I don't actively collect in the package, which will fall into my Cubs monster boxes.  But, seriously. WOW!  The rest were all guys that belong in my binders!

Chris, I'm not if you did some research or we just like the same players in Cubs history, but THANK YOU for your generosity!  I'll have a package out to you before too much longer.  Thanks for your patience.

Also, thanks to everyone who saw my Twitter post and commented about my flooded card/man room.  I truly appreciate the community we have and kind words.

Lastly, thanks for stopping by and reading!


  1. Sounds like you've had a lot on your plate in recent times.

    Note to self, never send packages to collectors who're teachers around late August-to-mid-September (and around mid-January to mid-February too I guess).

  2. Nomah! True story: I was at a Red Sox game in 2004 -- first date with my wife -- and this lady behind us shouts "Hey Nomah, sign my boob." Stay classy, Boston. He wasn't even playing that day.

  3. Oh how I wish I had a basement dedicated to my collection. Have a great school year and I hope you feel better.