Friday, September 9, 2016

Makeover at Cardboard Clubhouse

Have you checked out Adam's blog, Cardboard Clubhouse, lately?  Things have become a little scary over there . . . Very Halloween-ish to be sure!

Adam, part of the Super Traders, recently sent me a yellow padded mailer with lots of Cubs treats inside. No tricks though!  Whew!
 Heck yeah!  I'm still working on that Wrigley Field 100 Years set!
 Hey you reading this blog!  Help a collector out!
 This Cubs sticker must have been on the bottom of the wax pack, but that's okay. I know how to fix that!
 A baseball card with a Cub named Banks at the batting cage . . . I never thought it would be Willie Banks.
 I don't remember Shawn Estes' tenure with the Cubs very well, but I do remember Goose's mustache. It's funny how the mind works.
 I wonder if fifty years from now collectors will look back on the 90s as the "creative decade" for cardboard.
 That's a pretty nice Tatooine shot of local boy Joe Girardi.

 I thought for sure Matt Murton would get the call to Chicago at some point during the season, but instead Joe Maddon had Zobrist, Contreras and Bryant fill the void left by Kyle Schwarber in left field.
Pitchers wearing eye-black would be a nifty niche collection to start.  Turk was always so quirky.
 Manager, coaches, and floating heads!
 Is this a high-series checklist from the burlap 1968 set?  I don't know much about the set, but I like the look of a marked-up checklist. That's a keeper for sure.
 Current Cubs!  Man, I love this team. Part of me just wants September to last forever, because I don't want to risk the chance of being disappointed in October. But hey, the blog's name is what it is because I'm accustomed to waiting 'til next year. Another year won't kill me.

Here are my favorite cards from Adam's package. 
I love these all black A&G 10th Anniversary cards. I doubt if A&G will ever get away from the white backgrounds for the base set, but I think black would be a nice look in 2017.
Minis!  These two guys are as impressive talent-wise as these cards are sharp looking.  And, that's saying something!

Thanks for the fantastic selection of cards, Adam!


  1. Glad you liked the cards Tom! And thanks for the plug as well ... remember to check out the contest I'm doing!