Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Colossus: Battle #1, FrankenSet

The COLOSSUS came at me fierce and hard.  We battled long into the wee hours of the night and I struggled to block thoughts of retreating from my mind.

The. COLOSSUS. Would. Not. Die.

I dug deep down within to find the strength to best the beast and with the aide of my trusty sword (box cutter) I was finally able to take the behemoth of a monster down.

The reward was more than the gratification I felt for knowing I rescued the kingdom from certain destruction and ruin. A treasure beyond belief laid within.  Thirteen small flat rate priority mail boxes and a 600-count box.  Each box help cards packaged only with the finest of protection: the coveted penny sleeve within the hard top-loader combination.  My eyes could not believe my good fortune!

After much contemplation the sorting process began.  Piles were granted for serial numbered cards, specific years, decades, relics, autographs, and player collections.  The above snapshot features everything but the vintage, which was on the other half of the card sorting table (which is topped with baseball cards in case you thought you were seeing double).

We start our journey through the entrails of the COLUSSUS with this modest, yet very helpful contribution to my 2013 Bomwan Frankenset.
Jeff Samadzija already has half as many wins in one start with the A's as he did during three months with the Cubs.  Rizzo is currently in a race for a spot on the All Star team.  #VoteRizzo    Orange parallels are rare within the Frankenset and this Taylor Scott kicked out one of the favored cracked ice cards from the binder.  The blue Soriano gave the boot to a gold parallel.  Unfortunately, the Yankees did the same to Alfonso. I hope Sori lands on his feet!

There you have it... the first sampling from the COLOSSUS.  No worries, friends, it gets much better from here.  Stay tuned.

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