Monday, July 14, 2014

Colossus: Battle #3, Player Collections

The last battles with the Colossus had me fighting off FrankenSet additions and deflecting dozens of serial numbered cards spewn forth by the ever frightening Colossus. 

Me oh my!  Why would JBF release such a monster from its cage?

What could follow the onslaught of serial numbered cards?  Why, none other than additions to my player collection binders.

The Colossus must have been winded from its earlier attacks, because he could only manage what could be described as a Mini Castro and Refractor Rizzo sandwich. 
Mmm... now that's one tasty sandwich!

I taunted the beast and he fired back with a couple of fireballers: Big Lee Smith and The Shooter.

 Then he brought the serious heat in the form of Kid K.

Over two dozen parallels, inserts, and serial numbered cards in all featuring Kerry Wood, and sixteen were to new to my collection.  I won't bore you with all of them, but my favorite is this shiny, numbered 2006 Upper Deck Epic Events card highlighting Kerry's 20-strikeout performance his rookie year.
 Just. Gorgeous.

Two of my favorite former #1 draft picks followed.  As far as hitters go, I can't think of two who might contrast as much as these two.  Contact vs. Power...  Patience vs. Hacktastic... Spray vs. Pull... Right vs. Left... but fine additions in either case!

The Colossus must have sensed that I was getting stronger by the battle, because he threw another curve at me in a weak attempt to throw me off balance.  A White Sock and an Indian?
 I cheered aloud, "Two more Kosuke Fukudome cards for my collection!"

Retorted the beast: "Rwaaaaaaaarh!"

The Colossus did not seem pleased at my display of pleasure and it ambushed me with members from the Hall of Fame in an attempt to knock me horizontal.

Hack Wilson:

Mr. Cub and Fergie:

Ryno, the 703rd different one in my collection:

And, the Hawk:
 The Colossus must have been weakening...  he was using cards with recycled photos from the same company (Donruss) and year (2002).  Lastly, unlicensed product which didn't even have the physicality of logos.  I almost felt sorry for the beast.  Almost.

 At this point I had seen FrankenSet additions, parallels, serial numbered cards and multiple additions to my player collections.  I thought the Colossus was weakening and I was thinking I could maybe put this treacherous monster away after a few rounds. 

Boy was I wrong...  as it turns out the Colossus was just limbering up.  Stay tuned!

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