Monday, July 28, 2014

Wham, Bam, Thank You GCRL Man!

Simple, quick, and very satisfying.  I really love the PWE trade.  Jim, from garvey cey russell lopes, recently posted his desire to complete the 2002 Topps T206 set.  I was in the middle of a long hibernation period of collecting at the time the T206 came about, but that didn't stop me from heading downstairs to the man room to look through my cards.  Really, the inner child in me doesn't need much of an excuse to look through my collection.

I luckily found ONE T206 and I shipped it off to gcrl.
This is not the first "business" card I've found in a trade package.  Maybe I should get on board?  Yes, I cut off the contact information on the bottom of the card because I didn't want to be responsible for gcrl getting spammed.

You know what's better than a PWE trade?  A blind PWE trade that has cards inside which I need!
Anthony Rizzo, what a great guy!  And it's my first A&G card from 2014!  I'm sure everyone else is on the verge of tiring from Allen & Ginter's, but I'm pretty stoked!  A Cub and an insert of one of my favorite players!

Okay, enough exclamation points... 
 Jim also sent me this Greg Maddux Upper Class insert, which is an insert from this year's Topps flagship product.  It's a nicely done insert and another fine addition to my collection.

Quick and easy.  Thanks for the cards, Jim!