Saturday, July 11, 2020

My Latest Envogelope

Jim, otherwise known as the gcrl and the author of cards as I see them, sent me PWE a couple of days ago. It started off with great flair.
 Stamps of Clemente and Foxx?  How very cool!

After tearing in the envelope these four fell out.
Technology has me shaking my head. I've been slowing picking away at my 1982 Topps set build since last fall and I've done my best to hide my want list, but I guess it has been published this whole time and gcrl found it. Lesson learned: an entire Google Sheet is either shared or private, and you can't individually set the privacy settings on each tab like I thought I was doing. Go figure.
Regardless, good sleuthing and thanks for the set help, gcrl!
Random Thought: Was I the only one who thought Rich Gossage always had a mustache/beard?

 Ryno is always a welcome site in a PWE.

Wrigley Field cards are in constant need, as I fill the front page of all my Cubs binders with Cubs logo cards and cards of Wrigley. 

Hah, here we go!  This is what turned the envelope into an envogelope!
 I actually hit on one of these orange Vogelbach parallels in a Big League blaster, but the corner was severely bent and dinged. I'm so happy to have an upgrade for my player collection!

It seems like I'm perpetually working on my Cubs Topps flagship team set every year. I think part of it has to do with it coming out in three series during the course of the year and my negligence in noticing when Series 2 and Update hit the stores.
 More Kris Bryant cards. Woot!  I hope there's a 2020 season or else maybe we've seen the last of Bryant in a Cubs uniform.

Oh, and here's my first card of Rowan Wick in my collection. Very nice!
Or maybe I should say this is Hugo's first card of Rowan Wick. Hugo has been more interested in cards as of late... laying on them... knocking over piles... sitting on top of 3200-count boxes... and playing with empty pack wrappers. Maybe I'll let him keep this one.

Thanks for the envogelope, gcrl!


  1. Love the stamps. Agree on the Gossage lack of facial hair. Who knew? Cat looks really happy with his card. Good times.

  2. Nice trade. Love the Black Ryno sighting! Tom, I love how you love cats! What a sweetie Hugo is! I keep two 3000 count boxes on the edge of my hobby table for my Jingles. It puts her at eye level with the window sill. Of course, there's a cat bed on top of the boxes. That's her spot, all day. When she isn't asleep, she's watching the bird feeders. Providing this for her keeps her off of my working space.

  3. I'm not as computer savvy as Jim... but if you want help with the 1982 set let me know which cards you need. I have probably 200 sitting in a box.