Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Lacing Up the Running Shoes

I used to be a pretty avid runner. I "ran" cross country back in high school and all the pitchers on my college team had to run 100 miles during the winter months. I use the quotation marks because I am not the fastest guy when running long distances. My high school coach described me as more of a plodder.

Running was never something I thought I would continue to do as an adult, but I found it to be a great way to relieve stress and do some of my best thinking. Plus, it allowed me to pretty much devour whatever I wanted without gaining a pound. Bonus!

In my 20's and early 30's I used to run in 5K races all the time and I've even done a half marathon, but my knees don't care for the unrelenting pavement much anymore. The last few summers I have taken to walking, hiking or a running everyday, but I was only running two or three times a week and never more than three miles at a time. I love being outside and there are a couple of great spots to hike locally.

When I saw a fellow blogger was promoting a virtual 5K for a good cause I thought, "I should do that." I'm don't move nearly as fast as I did twenty years ago, but I've found running still provides a great outlet for stress. And let's be honest, 2020 has induced its fair share of stress.

I had been continuing my habit of walking/hiking/running like summers past, so I wasn't completely starting for ground zero. I laced up the running shoes and logged a 5K. I chose a really poor day to run (the humidity in the midwest can be horrible) and wasn't happy with my time, but I sent it in. A few days later, when I didn't need scuba gear to breath, I ran again and chopped a little over 4 minutes off my time. I was pretty proud of myself, but by then I had gotten wind of another blogger's time, we'll just refer to him as PKS, who blew my doors off.  I wasn't going to win any trophies for this 5K! LOL (I should also give props to TLC, who just clipped me at the virtual finish the line. Nice job!)

Regardless of the outcome, thanks to Tony for getting my competitive juices flowing again. I was happy to participate and I wish his wife the best of luck with future fundraising events.

I received a little thank you from Tony just the other day.
Love the note!
 This one goes right into my Ryne Sandberg binder, which currently stands at 983 cards. I believe this is a promotional team photo given away at Wrigley Field. But, it could also be something the Cubs gave away for autographs at an off-site event, like the Cubs winter caravan. I haven't logged this one yet, because I'm unsure of the year and it's technically not a card. Regardless, thank you Tony for your generosity! I know how difficult it can be top part with items from your favorite team.

Any kind of movement is good movement if you ask me. I've really been getting into disc golf lately as well. How about you? Are you a runner/plodder, hiker, biker or walker?


  1. Pretty much walking these days. Used to do more biking. Never could run just to run. Wish I could though!

  2. Cool prize! Was definitely fun and for a good cause.

  3. Cool Ryno! I admire and respect all distance runners, marathoners, etc., but I absolutely despise running. When we had to do the dreaded mile-run in high school gym class, my one and only goal was to not finish last. I do, however, find walking through forest preserves to be quite calming.

  4. I've not been on a run since March 12. While my marathon days are behind me, I was signed up for an 11 mile run in April that was canceled. Congrats on your run and for supporting our community.

  5. Bad knees keep me from running. I'm grateful to them! lol. I do love walking, esp in the country. I do avoid concrete. Nice Ryno addition! Always love seeing a new one. Wish I had room for more. Doesn't mean I won't pick up a SP or early 90s sn# card but I have to be choosy.

  6. It's good to get some exercise outside.

  7. I'm a walker for sure. The only time I run is when I'm chasing around my friend's son... or I'm running late to class (during the school year). I've been meaning to dust off the clubs and hit the golf course... but haven't played yet. I keep telling myself next week... but that was like a month ago. Maybe next week ;D

  8. Used to be a casual biker (cyclist), but the darn thing hasn't left the dining room in like three years now. Friends I used to go ride with all moved away.