Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Folder of Fun: Page 15

The Folder of Fun, as I like to call it, has been in the works for about three years. That's about the time I stopped buying retail and hobby packs and began tracking down cards which fit a certain general description: FUN.  Here's a link to the first post in this series if you'd like to go back and catch up. 

Page 15 brings us more Team Traditions and Celebrations from Topps Opening Day. This time I have the 2019 set to show off. 
I haven't been to the new park in Miami yet and I'm excited to see the bobblehead museum there, as I have a modest one of my own.

Eutaw Street is very cool. I've been on two separate occasions and the biggest thing I remember are the baseball markers commemorating the longest home runs hit along the street.

This strikes me as an odd celebration, but it is pretty unique!

Much like Minnie and Paul at Target Field, I wish I would have seen a night game in Philadelphia to see the Liberty Bell in action.

I remember when the Dodgers celebrated in the Diamondbacks' pool after a big win in 2013. What a stir that created.

I'm a little confused by this one. The building isn't really a tradition or a celebration. Right?

The water features at Kauffman Stadium are magnificent.

Weren't the White Sox the first team to really do something unique to celebrate home runs? Bill Veeck was a brilliant promoter.

Is Tony Gwynn one your top five hitters of all time? I have him right up there with Ted Williams and Wade Boggs.

I remember the merry-go-round at Comerica, but I didn't take a ride when I visited. 

One more post of traditions and celebrations remains. Thanks for reading! 


  1. I'm not usually the biggest fan of these sets in Opening Day, but they do look neat all together.

  2. That pool celebration in Arizona was very memorable.

  3. One day....when this Covid thing is behind us. Way behind us, I may have to put a bucket list together including visiting MLB ballparks. As it stands now, I have been to 3. Fulton County Stadium, Turner Field, and and Suntrust Park (which may name change to Truist).

  4. The flames in Angel Stadium is Hollywood, CA as heck and it inexplicably works.

  5. I'm aghast! How did I miss the carousel card!!!!!!!!!!!?????????? I need two of these!