Sunday, July 5, 2020

Big League Help from Big-Time Bloggers

I received a couple of plain white envelopes on Friday and I have a pair of return PWEs ready to ship out tomorrow.

You remember collecting cards before the internet was a thing?

I do. I went to the local card shop frequently and my parents carted my sister and I off to shows, but trading was something we never really were able to enjoy. There weren't a bunch of kids in the neighborhood who enjoyed the same hobby.

The internet makes things so much easier with blogs, Twitter and TCDB. It's great.

I've mentioned this before, but that Schwarber card is my favorite of 2020 so far. Plus, I needed the base Kris Bryant for my 2020 Big League set build. And the orange will fit nicely in my Bryant player collection. Thanks, AJ!

I'm proud to be known as the Vogelbach guy around the baseball card blogs and when I get PWEs with notes like this I just absolutely beam with joy. Brian, rest assured that both of these cards were needed. Thank you!

Thanks to these two big-time bloggers I'm a little closer to completing my Big League set. If you've purchased some Big League this year and are down for a PWE, then please check out my want list.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I'm putting a owe I the mail tomorrow for you. Hang tight!

  2. another Bryant is on the way, for the PC perhaps. Love to see how quickly this set is coming together foryou!

  3. I sure do remember collecting before the internet. And I had several friends who collected cards. Many trades remembered.

  4. Heck yeah... I remember collecting cards before the internet. When we were young, we'd sit on our porches trading cards. Eventually I got a job at a card shop, so I was able to make trades there with customers and other employees.

  5. Pre-internet card days were a kick and some fond memories. Loved going to shows and it was a lot different back then. Congrats on those PWEs!

  6. Great wins. The thing about your Vogelbach, I don't even know who that guy is (!). Well, now I do. I'll let you know if I find any Vogelbach gems for ya.