Monday, July 13, 2020

Fun or Creepy?

Before I get to the inspiration for the title of today's post, I'd like to take a second and show off some baseball cards from Julie, who is highly esteemed election commissioner at A Cracked Bat.

I pulled an autograph, from a pack of Big League, of a catcher who plays for the Tigers and a trade was quickly worked out. Honestly, because her trade package contained set help for my 2020 Big League set build, including inserts, I'm counting myself as the winner of this deal.

 Here's a couple of Cubs I'm very thankful to have received, because the markup on such cards in Central Illinois is absurd.
 The Baez card, below, is the only duplicate within the lot, but that's fine with me because now I have one for the El Mago player collection binder.
Plus, how about that photo selection for Javy's card? Bryant is the one with the ball in the foreground. Topps is getting all artsy on us!

Here's several more photos which I just loved.
Pitched baseballs spin around 2400 rotations per minute on average, yet we have technology which allows us to clearly make out the seams. Just wow. 

Who doesn't love a celebration shot?

When I found I needed the Orlando Arcia base card I was like, "Meh, whatever." 
Now that I see it I'm all, "This is a SWEET looking card!"

Here's a great play at the plate shot. Most excellent!

Derrek Lee was and still is a favorite of mine.
I really appreciate Julie's willingness to let this one go from her collection. What a beauty! The blue in that fabric is so vibrant!

One more card before we get to the Fun or Creepy portion of our post.
 A smiling Big Lee! I just found out recently that Lee Smith had a habit of taking naps in the clubhouse during the early innings of day games at Wrigley Field. You think a player could get away with that these days?

Okay, here we go.  We'll start with an umpire:
 Or creepy?
 The backs have plenty of ... well... character.
Elvis Pelvis has some serious dental issues!

So, what do you think? Fun or Creepy? Would you include these in your hypothetical Folder of Fun?

Thanks for the great trade, Julie!


  1. They are kind of creepy. I remember there was a pack at my LCS in Lakeland about 10 years ago in their discount bin. I bought it and remember thinking I just wasted my money thinking it was a regular baseball card set. I still have the cards though if you want more of the set.

    1. Thanks, but I'll pass on your more than generous offer!

  2. Definitely creepy. As for those Cubs cards, just semi-creepy. :D

  3. Cartoons and such have never been my thing, so I have to vote "creepy." Those Big Leagues, however, are anything but -- the Hiura is one of my favorites of the whole set for sure.

  4. I got one of those cards somewhere. I'm not sure where it came from, it's certainly not something I like. Or would spend money on.

  5. I'd say that they're fun. Not sure they'd make my Folder of Fun... but they interesting.

  6. Not fun. Definitely creepy. And yes, you are a winner.

  7. Perez was hard to part with but I'm sure to come across another. D Lee has been in my collection for a few years only because it was such a nice-looking card. I've actually try to send it in the past but couldn't quite let it go. As for fun or creepy, those are FUN to get rid of. I have a whole box of packs. I get a kick from them but they do not belong in the folder of fun. I'll have to pass some on to Fuji - then send the remainder of the box to Peter K.! Thank you for the trade!

    1. one more thing - I find the Baez card intriguing. Is he mimicking Bryant to create confusion? I enjoy watching Baez play. He's highly entertaining.

    2. Oh, you should DEFINITELY send the rest to Peter! LOL