Tuesday, July 21, 2020

I've Been Stacked By The Pancake King

Well, here's a very pleasant surprise!

About a week ago I added a Derrek Lee jersey card to my collection and now I find an auto of the former batting champ in the mailbox.
 The Chicago skyline is a nice touch in the background, and although I'm typically not a fan of sticker autographs I can't get this one to stopping "rainbowing." Very cool!
 Lee's 2004 season was outstanding, as the write up on the back of the card suggests, but he upped his game a level and finished third in the MVP balloting the next season.

I saw on Wes' Twitter account that he shipped out a stack of PWEs a little while back and I'm proud to say I've been stacked!
Thanks, Wes!


  1. That is a nice card.
    I have never been hit with the power of the pancake lol

  2. Actually I would rather have sticker autographs that look like that than a dull on card auto.

  3. This is the first I've heard of the Pancake King. Very cool.

  4. A. Lee was a beast in Chicago. That year he won the batting crown was super impressive.

    B. Although I typically prefer on-card autographs over sticker-graphs... sticker-graphs are still welcome in my collection.