Monday, October 10, 2016

A Question and a Mini Rant

First, the Mini Rant: What is up with the start times for today's MLB playoff games? The Dodgers and Nationals kick off at 3:08pm (central time), the Red Sox and Indians play at 5:08pm, and the Giants and Cubs have a first pitch scheduled for 8:38pm.

There are three things here that I would explained to me:
1. What's up with all the 8's? Is it set up that way so they can do two minutes of pre-game material sandwiched in between six minutes of commercials?
2. Why is MLB overlapping two of the games, but not the third? Two hours is NOT enough time to finish a playoff game, but three and a half certainly is. What gives?
3. The third game has a wonderful start time for Giants fans on the west coast. BUT, it really stinks for someone who lives in Illinois and typically finds themselves clocking in to work at 6:30am.

Starting times . . . argh. 
I just had to get that out of my system. Thanks for being my sounding board!

The Question: Who wants all of my Miami Marlins cards?

I'm currently in the midst of emptying out my trade boxes and sending cards out to #SuperTraders. All of the trade bait for twenty-nine teams were housed in two 3,200-count boxes AND one "shoe box" and my goal is to get everything to fit into one 3,200-count box. I will not reach that goal unless I find a taker for the Marlins. Every other team is covered.

Speak up! I have roughly 300 Marlins cards that I will ship to your address and it won't cost you a penny. That's right, FREE!  Just comment below and they are all yours! (Somebody queue the cricket sound effects.)


  1. Oh man, if anyone speaks up about those Marlins cards, I will jump on the bandwagon and send even more Marlins to that lucky person!

    I think it was the Rangers / Jays series that messed up the schedule - they would be playing game 4 at noon-ish central, and I guess they'd rather have overlap around the evening hours than a big gap between games. if they had flipped the start of game 4 of Tor/Tex with game 3 of LAD/WSN, there would be a gap before the CLE/BOS game....

    Also, I think today was supposed to be game 4 of CLE/BOS, but there was a rainout...

  2. I agree with your start time rant. The game starts at 9:38 EST, so it will be a very late night for me.

  3. The rain screwed with a lot of the start times. I'm surprised baseball continues to play playoff games during the day on weekdays. That is probably the most frustrating thing for me.

  4. If nobody takes you up on the Marlins offer and there are a few Ichiros, I'd be interested.

    P.S. I live out here on the West Coast and we had the exact same discussion today at lunch about the Giants/Cubs game. Straight up ridiculous. We felt bad for all of those diehard fans in Chicago... or even worse... the East Coast.

    1. Sorry, there was only one Ichiro in the 200+ cards and I'm keeping it for my collection.

  5. I have some interest in the Marlins cards. There are a few players I like that have passed through Miami at some point in their careers. I hate to see unwanted cards languish.