Friday, October 28, 2016

Trading for Karma

A little while ago I sent Daniel, from It's Like Having My Own Card Shop, a couple of Dback cards in attempt to buy some good karma for my Cubs.

The night he received the cards Miguel Montero, a former Diamondback, hit a pinch hit grand slam to give the Cubs a 1-0 lead in the NLCS over the Dodgers.  Here's a link to Daniel's post and the note I sent him:

Yesterday I got a nice little return PWE from Arizona and a note:

Nice, very nice.

Here's to hoping this PWE brings Addison Russell and the Cubs some good luck!  I know who I'm picking to make a difference in tonight's ballgame.

For the record, I sent out 36 packages and a handful of PWEs this month. If the Cubs manage to make history I won't be shy about asking Theo for part of the postseason bonus.

Thanks for the Addy, Daniel!  And Go Cubs, Go!


  1. Wrigley is going to be rocking tonight. Thanks for bring the Cubs such excellent karma, Daniel!

  2. Would you be mad if I said I was pulling for the Tribe because a) I don't want the name of your blog to change, and b) I don't want you to stop blogging? Is that bad karma? haha

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  4. Glad you liked the Addy! Good luck to your Cubs!