Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Mail In, Mail Out

I received two trade envelopes and one package during the past couple of days.  The first is from John H., who does not have his own blog, but is pretty active on other trading sites. Our most recent swap was some 2013 Topps flagship for these Bowman beauties:

Here's my favorite of the bunch, the Cub that got away:
That's D.J. LeMahieu, the 2016 NL batting champ for the Rockies.
Thanks for the cards, John!

The second was a package from Mark M., who is a new trading partner to add to the list. He doesn't own a blog either, but I won't hold that against him, because he tossed me 140+ Conlon to add to my set build. (I filed them away before I snapped a picture. My bad.) That was a huge boost to this slow project. Thanks, Mark!
Edit: I've recently been alerted to the fact that Mark does indeed have a blog: My Best Friend collects Chipper Jones. Check it out!

The third is from Brad, the author of Red Sox Fan in Nebraska, and it caught me a little off guard. It was supposed to be two Red Sox for one Cub, but it tuned into three Bostonians for four Chicagoans. I always try to send extra cards, but I wasn't expecting extra in return! Here's a quick picture of the Red Sox I gave up:

Here are the Cubs I danced for joy over:
Coghlan got hot down the stretch and Kawasaki is an absolute riot to watch in the dugout.

David Ross' card was the one I was after, but I was quite elated to pull in this quartet. The Willson Contreras card goes for a pretty penny in these parts and I didn't see myself adding that card anytime soon. 
Thanks for your excellent generosity, Brad!

Mail going out? Yeah, I'm doing some fall cleaning. I'm in process of cleaning out my trade boxes and I mailed fourteen packages yesterday. Most of them went to #SuperTraders, but not all. Let me add this: I'm not asking for any cards to come back in my direction. I'm trying to get organized again and adding more to the fray to sort and file would be nice, but it's not my endgame. Space. Space is the goal. Thanks for helping me clear space. 
If you are a #SuperTrader or someone I regularly trade with be on the look out. I'm hoping to finish off my mailings before the Cubs season expires. Needless to say I'm very excited about the extension!

Go Cubs, go! #FlyTheW


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