Monday, October 12, 2015

NLDS: Doing My Part

Here's how things have played out so far:
The Cubs are 0-1 in playoff games in which I did not write a blog post beforehand, nor eat a jalapeno cheeseburger.
The Cubs are 2-0 in games in which I quickly typed up some drivel and also attempted to satiate my appetite with one of my favorite pleasure foods.

Cheeseburger today?


Cubs-centric blog post today?  I guess this one will have to do!

I did pretty well with my last player of the game prediction in Jorge Soler.  This time I'm going to go with the slumping Anthony Rizzo.   He seems to think I've made a nice choice.
If the Cubs are going to go anywhere this postseason they will need The Bear to step up his game.  Here's to hoping it starts tonight!
I'm having trouble extricating photos from the dastardly clutches of my iphone, but the picture above is one my sister (on the right) was kind enough to forward to me.  It's us holding the W flag in Busch Stadium after Saturday night's win!

There were probably a couple of dozen W flags around the stadium that night.  There will be a few hundred around Wrigley if Arrieta and the boys can get it done again tonight. Go Cubs!



  1. Quit writing stuff then!

    I was at Cubs-Cards game on Labor Day, and as much as I hated to see us lose, it was cool to see all the Cubs fans that brought their W flags. I'm hoping tomorrow they'll stay folded up, though.

  2. I'm convinced the Cards are going to start Wainwright in game 4 and bring Chris Carpenter out of retirement for game 5.