Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Bowman Twitter Blue Refractor: The Rainbow Just Got Bigger

I was browsing Ebay yesterday evening looking for any good deals on the remaining cards I need for my 2015 Bowman Chrome Dan Vogelbach rainbow.  I have yet to see the red version or the superfractor show up yet, which makes me sad, but at least my wallet is happy for the time being.
Yet, I did see something new:
swiped from Ebay

Nope, that's the not the "blue" numbered to 150.  This one is numbered to 10.  Ten?  Since when does Bowman number things to ten?
 I guess the answer to that question is since they started giving cards away on Twitter. The card community has officially dubbed these Twitter Blue refractors

Warning: Mini Math Rant
One Blue Twitter Vogelbach card has popped up on Ebay, but it is ridiculously priced at two and a half times Vogelmonster's printing plate price. . . .  Let's do some math.
There are 4 printing plates and the cheapest I've seen is selling for $20.
There are 10 Twitter Blue refractors, but the only one I've seen is selling for $50
In short, the Twitter Blue refractors are 2.5 times more common than the printing plates, yet they are selling for 2.5 time more than the printing plates. 
That, ladies and gentlemen, is called an direct relationship.
Math knowledge: If one item increases and a related item increases as a result, then it is defined as a direct relationship.
The laws of supply and demand are based upon an inverse relationship.
Math knowledge: If one item increases and a related item decreases as a result, then it is defined as an inverse relationship. 
For instance: the higher the run on a numbered parallel SHOULD yield a lower price.  

Obviously, some Ebay sellers don't know much about economics. (Or maybe they know too much about baseball card economics?) To the price gorging seller I say, "Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries!"  
Yes, I went there. 
End Mini Math Rant.
The Bowman Twitter account has been giving these new blue refractors out to its followers the past couple of weeks. I figure all ten Vogelmonsters will will be given away at some point and I plan on trying to win one of these packs of Twitter Blue Parallels. Each pack of cards comes with nine blue refractors and one autograph. If I manage to win one, then I can probably turn a couple of the ten cards into a Vogelmonster and set the rest free amongst the blogosphere! 

Feel free to join the fun and try to win a pack for yourself, but if you win a pack containing a Vogelmonster, then please remember me!


  1. "some Ebay sellers don't know much about economics." You should run spell check on your posts before you submit them.

    "99% of Ebay sellers don't know much about economics."

    There, I fixed it for you.

    1. Huh. I try to proofread before I post. Not sure how I missed such an obvious one!

  2. The Bowman parallels can be exhausting. I commend you going for a rainbow. That is a tough hill to climb. Hope you win one of those twitter packs.

  3. My philosophy is as a seller, the first time you list an item, go nuts and see if anyone's crazy enough to pay a ton for it. But then after it doesn't sell, lower the price or at least add a Best Offer option. It's the sellers who continually relist an item at the same outrageous price that really make me fart in their general direction or whatever.

  4. Good luck. I can't imagine how difficult it must be to build a complete rainbow.