Thursday, October 15, 2015

An Addition to My New PC: That Was Quick!

So, a PWE (plain white envelope) lands in my mailbox early last week, but I'm busy so it sits on my desk.  It stays there and it collects dust.  At some point it is knocked on the floor by Hugo or Holiday, but that's okay, because it shook off most of the dust.
My money is on Hugo because he's always messin' with my stuff!
Then the Cubs win the NLDS and I find out that I have four days to catch up on my blogging until my team takes the field again. Commence the blogging of cardboard!

Yesterday I started by introducing my knew player collection (PC). Today I finally broke into the PWE from Brian.  Brian is the brainchild behind Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary.

 What a nice note from Brian!  I love it when other bloggers pull cards and think of me.  I do the same pretty frequently: Pale Hose = JediJeff, unique cards = Dimebox Nick, Padawans = Zippy Zappy, Peg Legs = BWTP and etc.

I miss Donruss.  I know, I know.  Panini is producing Donruss cards, but from what I have seen Throwback Threads and Leather & Lumber are pretty.  Plus licenses.  Sigh.
 Here's a couple of pre-rookie cards of some Cubs arms. Joe Kraemer didn't pan out, but Armando Rivero should have a crack at the bullpen in spring training next year. The man throws smoke!
 Here's a nice little collection of Cubs from my favorite team growing up, the Boys of Zimmer (1989).
 A shiny Ryno, an old school Mad Dog, a Duracell Hawk, and three baseball card magazine cards of Amazing Grace, Juice and Dwight Smith.  I don't think Dwight had a nickname. No?

And now for the sweet addition!  Another Dan Vogelbach card to add to my new player collection!
I think he just went oppo? And look at the sweet uniform! I think it's a great photo and I'm pretty excited to add this one to the collection.  I've been watching the team sets for some time on eBay, but I think I'll delete those from my watch list now that I have my most coveted card from the set.

Thanks for the PWE, Brian!  Next time I pull some Twins you'll find them in your mailbox!


  1. Nice add. I can't find a Vogelbach but I've shipped something out that might tickle your fancy just as much.

  2. I dated the note... just in case the wild card game went the other way and the PWE came after the game. The Cubs have been just awesome this post-season, looking forward to the NLCS!

  3. Damn Cubs :) Good luck against the Mets. Since Harvey is only allowed to throw 12 pitches a game you will only have to worry about Degrom and Syndeegard.