Saturday, October 17, 2015

Cheeseburgers Don't Predict the Future

Homemade jalapeno cheeseburgers
Well, here's how things stood BEFORE the clinching game of the NLDS between the Cubs and Cardinals:
The Cubs were 0-1 in playoff games in which I did not write a blog post beforehand, nor eat a jalapeno cheeseburger.
The Cubs were 3-0 in games in which I quickly typed up some drivel and also attempted to satiate my appetite with one of my favorite pleasure foods.

I tested the baseball gods and won.  I wrote a blog post the day before AND I didn't have a chance to eat my jalapeno cheeseburger until after the game started.  In fact, I didn't start prepping my charcoal grill at home for a burger until the 7th inning.  I pulled the burgers off the grill right before the game ended and didn't take my first bite until after the Cubs had defeated the Cardinals.

After the win, I don't know that a burger has ever tasted so good!

I guess superstitions are made to be broken. Or perhaps I overestimated my importance to the cause?  Either way, I'm just happy the Cubs have reached the NLCS for the first time since 2003.

So, no burger for me tonight.  In fact I'm heading over to my parents' house to enjoy dogs and brats on the grill.

My last three predictions for player of the game have each hit homers in that day's game: Soler in game #2, Rizzo in game #3, and Baez in game #4.  That's quite a streak!  Yet, I'm feeling out of sorts since coming to the shocking realization that my consumption of jalapeno cheeseburgers doesn't affect the outcome of baseball games.   So, please forgive me for not going with my gut.

I wanted to go with Chris Coghlan, but I don't know that he'll start tonight.  So instead I'll go Anthony Rizzo, because I think he's starting to come out of his funk.
Anyone see his impersonation of the Jose Bautista bat flip the other day?

Not as good as the original, but pretty funny nonetheless.

Thanks for reading and go Cubs!


  1. You are grilling food and I saw my first snowflakes of the year. Unfair!

  2. Congrats to the Cubbies!
    I couldn't find my good luck Dodgers cup for Game 5 against the Mets.
    I still think that had something to do with the loss.

  3. I'm just rooting for bat flips this postseason.