Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Button Relic, Baby! Buuuuuuutton Relic!

A bat knob would be cool and I've seen a few laundry tag relics I've liked, but I'm a button guy.  You know?   There are few items on my wish list which I have coveted more than the button relic.  And Gavin delivered.

I made a comment recently about a Karl Olson card Gavin (from Baseball Card Breakdown) picked up from a recent card show.  I sent Gavin a couple of things and the other day a PWE was waiting for me in my mailbox.

Here's the goods, folks:

Yep, a couple Rynos to add to the collection.  I needed both of these and now I'm 781.  Score!

 A Mark Prior card numbered to 100 (on the back) and die cut of a flame throwing string bean by the name of Carl Edwards, Jr.  You have ever seen a more photo-shopped number than the '3' on Carl's rib cage?

 This was formerly part of a 1999 Bowman box.  Now it's in my Kerry Wood collection!  Heck yeah!

 Here's the card which started the trade.  Karl and I share the same surname.  I'm bound and determined to collect ALL of Karl's cards.  I now I have three and I think I'm missing just one more: the 1952 Topps.  For the record, I'm in no hurry to track down a '52 Topps, it's by far the least attractive and most expensive of Karl's cards.

Lastly, the authentic blog-used button relic card!   What a throw-in for a trade package!
 It has a little bit of sparkle, a little bit of glow in the dark, and one very nice blog-used button.  Oh, and from personal experience, that signature POPS when the glow in the dark material has had time to charge up.  Even my wife was impressed!  Sweetness!
  I got the last one and I couldn't be happier.  This one goes in THE Cubs Box.  I have multiple Cubs boxes, but this relic will get a nice top loader and then join the rest of my most prized cards.

Thank you, Gavin!  I'm so pumped to get the 7/7!