Sunday, October 25, 2015

An Update Jumbo Pack to Share

I really want to go to card show, but the closest one today would require me to spend three hours in a car and it usually only has about a dozen dealers. A week from today is the annual P-town card show and I know it's better to just wait another seven looooooong days.  Sigh.

To pass the time and feed the collecting monster within I bought a jumbo of Topps Update.  No Cubs were found and I'm not sure how that's possible with as many Kris Bryant cards that are in 2015 Update.  Bummer.

If you're interested in any of the cards just leave a comment. I'm not going to post pictures of them all, but I'll list the ones I don't show pictures of at the bottom. The Sox, both the White and Red, have already been claimed.

Let's start off with two of the three cards from the pack that I'll be keeping.
The Marlins don't get much love on the blogosphere, but Justin Bour player for the Peoria Chiefs! Woo-Hoo! Some P-town love!
 Zobrist went to high school thirty minutes away from P-town and he's chasing his first World Series ring. Go Royals!
 Trout and Pujols seems to be everywhere and here we have them stealing Nelson Cruz' card.  Rodon and Syndergaard may be the best rookie arms in the talented class of 2015.
 So, David Price gets a card as a Blue Jay, but Kyle Schwarber who made his MLB debut 45 days before the Price trade isn't in Update.  Boo!  Oh, and I still don't like the All-Star game hats.  Double Boo!
Maybe I'm just in a mood to complain, but how did Evan Gattis get dubbed as a Future Star? He played in 207 games for the Braves before being traded to the Astros.  Yet, he's now 28 and is considered a Future Star?  When I think of Future Star cards I think of the 1989 Topps Gary Sheffield or the 1987 Bo Jackson cards.  Those guys were future stars.  Evan Gattis is already thee full years into his MLB career.

Carlos Correa?  He's one heckuva talented ball player. That is all.

My gold parallel could have been a better player, but they do look sharp in person.
 The Rarity card of Mariano Rivera talks about earning a save on three pitches. 

I was happy to pull a Hammerin' Hank, but even happier to land the Josh Gibson card.  This is the last of the three cards which will stay in my collection.

 I like the Whatever Works insert set and I thought about chasing it, but ultimately I have decided against it.
 Whatever happened to Neftali Feliz?  I remember when he was a rookie sensation and the Rangers were in the playoffs.

Lastly, I landed one of the three hits from the Jumbo box. It's one of the Etched in History cards and it is a very thick card, because it contains one of those crazy manu-relics.
 I already have a taker for this one, but I thought I would show off my good luck.

Below is a list of the rest of the cards from the pack.  Again, just speak up!
US5 - Ryan Vogelsong, Giants
US43 - Randall Delgado, Dbacks
US55 - Hank Conger, Astros
US60 - Branden Pinder, Yankees
US85 - Justin Nicolino, Marlins
US108 - Adonis Garcia, Braves & Jefry Marte, Tigers
US150 - Eric Sogard, A's
US168 - George Kontos, Giants
US172 - Adrian Gonzalez, All-Star Dodgers
US202 - Manny Machado, Home Run Derby Orioles
US215 - Jonathan Papelbon, Nationals
US222 - Arquimedes Caminero, Pirates
US225 - Keone Kela, Rangers
US230 - Shawn Tolleson Rangers
US262 - Eric Young, Jr., Braves
US298 - Rey Navarro, Orioles & Dusty Coleman, Royals
US327 - Ryan Webb, Indians
US334 - Clint Barmes, Padres
US339 - Jose Alvarez, Angels
US348 - Jonathan Broxton, Cardinals
US369 - Cory Rasmus, Angels
US378 - Devon Travis, Blue Jays
US379 - Cameron Maybin, Braves
US382 - Dan Uggla, Nationals
US390 - Donovan Solano, Marlins

Thanks for stopping by and wish me luck at my local card show next Sunday!


  1. Well, it finally happened. The Cruz is a "selfie" card. I guess I should've known this day was coming...

    (Would you mind putting that Chris Young gold parallel aside for me?)

    1. Wow. How did I not notice that Cruz had a phone in his hand?
      The Young is yours!

  2. i'll sign up for the adrian gonzalez card. i've got a couple cubs i can send your way.

    1. Woo-Hoo! One less All-Star hat in my collection!

  3. Evan Gattis, Future Star and Triples Machine. I'm not sure which of those two labels seems more out of place...

    1. As a fantasy baseball player I was pretty happy with Mr. Triples Machine, especially since he qualified as a catcher in my league!

  4. Replies
    1. I pulled the Kyle Kendrick rainbow foil (US315) and Tulowitzki Rookie Sensations RS-7. Drop me a line if interested in trading.

  5. I pulled six Cubs from my Update packs, including the Lester throwback. They're yours for US108, 262 and 379.

  6. I bought a rack pack and was hoping for a Pinder rookie, got a Bryant HR derby card, Russell RC and Soler RC instead. My disappointment knows no bounds.

    1. Mine either. It's too bad neither of us know anything about the US mail system or each others address.

  7. Interesting point about the Schwarber. Boy, they missed the boat on that. Sheesh.

    And, riddle me this one: How/why does Steven Matz get a Rookie Debut card in Update but not an actual "Rookie" base card??

    I sometimes wonder what else Topps has going on that causes them to goof up their baseball cards so much.