Sunday, October 4, 2015

Garage Sale Finds

Laura in a mud flat

 My wife and I went out hiking yesterday morning in the Emiquon National Wildlife Refuge.  A little windy, a little cool, but it was certainly time well spent with the love of my life.

On the way back to P-town we stopped at a garage sale which advertised sports cards and collectibles. From what I could tell the guy was a former brick and mortar store owner. He possessed a couple of nice display cases and he had plenty of vintage from the 60's and 70's for sale.  Unfortunately, everything was listed at Beckett prices, which doesn't really fit my budget.

I did find his quarter box though and I picked up one active Cub and some 1989 Starting Lineup Baseball Greats cards.

First, the Baseball Greats:
 Stan The Man, Gibby, Arriba, Pops, Stretch, The Say Hey Kid, Mr. October and Big D are pictured above.

Below he have Eddie, Hammerin' Hank, Charlie Hustle, J.B., The Sultan of Swat, The Ironman, Yaz and the Yankee Clipper.   

 Saved the best for last!  Here's Sweet Swingin' and Mr. Cub. 

And now the Cub: 
If someone would have told me back in June that I would still willfully pay for Starlin's cards come October I would have certainly scoffed at such nonsense. But, Mr. Castro has endeared himself to me by displaying a great attitude toward his initial benching, a solid work ethic while learning a new position, and he's been sporting the "baseball is a humbling game" and "I'll do anything for the team" mantras. Plus, it never hurts when you bat over 0.400 for the month of September!  I doubt Starlin reports to Mesa next spring with the Cubs, but his cards will have a place in my collection from now on.

It's been a while since I've found any cards at a garage sale, let alone something I'd want to purchase.  Between the hiking and the cardboard it was a nice day!


  1. sounds like the perfect day! i love those Lineup cards! great find!

  2. Starting lineup cards for 25 cents each seems like a really good deal.

  3. It's always a pleasant surprise to find cards at a garage sale. I'd pay a quarter per for those Starting Lineup cards all day long!

  4. I've always been on the fence about Starlin but I agree totally whith your assesment. Credit where credit is due.