Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Yep, the PWEs keep on coming...

Yes, we have settled on a truce, but that hasn't stopped the PWEs from showing up in my poor mailbox.  I guess the USPS still hasn't received the message.

The latest PWE Bomb only had three cards, but they were pretty darn sweet.

Here we go:
 Aramis Ramirez, otherwise known as the best third baseman to man the hot corner at Wrigley Field since Ron Santo.

How about The Professor?  Yep, this is Maddux' first regular issued Fleer card.  He appeared in the '87 update set as well.  Not a Hall-of-Famer, but give him another year.  Who would have thought that Maddux would wind up being one of the best pitchers of my generation after sporting an ERA of 5.61 in his first full season in the majors?

And last but not least, an '87 Sportflics card of Bill Doran, Johnny Ray, and ... wait for it... Ryne Sandberg!  Heck yeah!  A Ryno sighting!

Man, I loved those Sportflics sets.  I actually completed the '89 Sportflics set back in the day.

Thanks, Wes!  I'm off to a card show in Springfield this weekend to find some ammo for a long overdue retaliation.

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