Thursday, March 14, 2013

It's been a cardboard Blitzkrieg!

Yep, Wes, from Jaybarkerfan's Junk, has been at it again!

This PWE contained some really nice ones, too!

No, thank you, Wes!

How about a 2008 Goudey Billy Williams!  It's not everyday you're greeted by a hall-of-famer in your mailbox!

Wait, what?  Yep! A second member of the Hall of Fame: The Hawk. 

I think this one puts me at 96 different Dawson cards in a Cubs uniform. The trick is, I only allow myself to keep a Dawson, if and only if my sister already has a copy.  I'm about 99% sure Jane has this one, as this dates back to our prime collecting years.

But she doesn't have this one!  Mwahahaha! I picked this one up at my Local Card Shop the other day.  Jane, next time I bump into you this beauty is all yours!  Oh, so shiny!

Ooops, sorry for the tangental card thoughts.  Back to the PWE Bomb:

A card of Billy Herman and what appears to be a Michael Jordan like vertical.  This card is from the 1993 Ted Williams card set.

 Just in case you're keepin' score at home: why yes, that's three different hall-of-famers!

Last but not least, the Red Baron!  He hasn't been and won't be enshrined to the hall in Cooperstown, but he did carry the Cubs to the '84 playoffs while going 16-1 and earning the Cy Young Award.

 The card on the left is actually a mini from the '88 Topps Super Star sticker set.  The one on the right is an '88 K-Mart card that highlights his fine '84 season.

High quality Cubs players and all the cards are new to me!  

Thanks again, Wes!

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