Sunday, March 24, 2013

Card Show FAIL

I've been planning a trip to Springfield for a Sunday card show for about two weeks now.  I didn't sleep too well last night, which is typically what happens when I'm in full fledged anticipation mode.  You see, I haven't been to a card show outside of my home town since my early high school collecting days.  This was going to be an epic eighty-nine mile jaunt to 40 card dealer tables!

I woke about an hour earlier than planned this morning, but I made good use of the time as I put together a shopping list to take to the card show today.

Perhaps I'd finally put my '78 Topps set to bed?  Maybe I'd finish off the Panini Triple Play set or perhaps find the last 2012 Topps Archives SPs that I need. 

Would I run into one of those illustrious dime boxes that Nick is always raving about?

Hah!  For sure I would fine some vintage for Wes to send in retaliation for all the PWE bombs he's been sending me.

I should have driven the extra miles to Rosemont, IL, to take in the Chicago Sun Times card show.

Why? Because three hours later this is what I returned home with:

Yep.  An empty box that all of my prized purchases were supposed to fill and my unscathed shopping list.

I arrived at my destination about an hour after the doors were supposed to open and the receptionist divulged that the card show had been cancelled about thirty minutes prior to my arrival. 

"Wow," I thought to myself. 

"Thank you," I mumbled to the kind lady.  I then did an about-face and drove my disheartened person home. 

I guess that's what 3 hours in a car and $28 worth of gas will get you these days.  Bummer. 


  1. Believe it or not, this has happened to me before.

  2. well it is snowing alot around my area in St. Louis, and it looks to be snowing a lot in Springfield to today

    1. Only about a half-inch of snow on the ground when I left Springfield around 10 o'clock. The plows and salt trucks were out, but the roads were great.

      Peoria now has 2+ inches, and I'm sure Springfield is in that area as well.

  3. I was actually at that Sun-Times show yesterday. Bummer that your show got cancelled, I don't understand why they'd cancel a show so suddenly.

    You should try and make plans to come to Rosemont for the National this summer, though. I'm sure it'll make you forget all about this disheartening experience. :)

    1. I may have to make plans to hit the National. That sound like a fun road trip!

  4. I feel your pain regarding the card show but also jealous that a 3 hour drive only cost you $28 in gas.

  5. Oh, man, that's gotta kill. I typically only have 1 day off each week. If I spent my 1 day off driving nearly 100 miles to a card show that ended up being cancelled without my knowledge, that would peeve me rotten. I feel bad for ya.

  6. As I read this, I couldn't believe that you DIDN'T FIND A THING TO BUY at the Springfield show. Then I got to the punchline. YIKES! What a HUGE disappointment. M