Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Prize from PATP

I apparently entered and won a contest over on Brian's blog, Play At The Play, way back in September.  I don't really recall said contest, but with as many as I enter around the blogosphere I was bound to win one eventually, right?

So, poof!  Flash forward to late February and this little package arrived in my mailbox.
 Hey, my first pack for 2012 Topps Update!  Nice!   Thanks, Brian!

Here's my favorites from the 36 card rack pack:
Ryan Cook and his 14 late season saves helped me win third place in my twenty team fantasy league last year.  Thank you, Mr. Cook!

Hmmm... Ginacarlo "I'm alone in Miami" Stanton.  I wonder how many of the teammates pictured in the card above are now playing for a different club.  Mark Buehrle is Toronto, John Buck is a Met, Omar Infante is a Tiger, Gaby Sanchez is in Pittsburgh, and Hanley Ramirez is in L.A. Yikes!

Booooo!  PED user!  I love the landscape shot of the Milkman about to make contact, but I can't get behind a guy who juices.

The "Freak" Show!  Nice! Word on the street is he finally got a haircut.  Even Better!  I'm hoping Lincecum bounces back this year; he's always been a favorite of mine.

A Gary Carter insert.  Very nice.

 A Tim Hudson gold parallel in which he is admiring, from the looks of the dugout, a walk-off hit or perhaps a home run?  I love the National League.  Let those pitchers bat!  (Keep in mind, I logged two entire plate appearances in my college pitching career.)

 What?  Cardinals?  Again?  1/12 of my prize pack contained Cardinals?  And two of them were lefty relievers?  What in the world?

I've now ripped two packs this calendar year that were not 2012 Panini Triple Play.  The results?  Five Cardinals and ZERO Cubs.

Things have to get better right?

Thank again for the prize, Brian!

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