Saturday, July 28, 2012

Trade Deadline, Twitter, and Watermelons

This has been a rough season for the Cubs, but understanding that this was to be a rebuilding season has made it much easier to be a fan.  Hey, they weren't supposed to be good this and they're not supposed to good next year either.  So, no pressure, right?  But behind the curtains Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer have been scheming and planning to position this club to make a push toward the top in the not so distant future. Or, so I thought.

Unfortunately, the trade deadline is almost upon us and the Cubs have not flipped any of their veterans for prospects.  Reed Johnson is hitting over 0.400 as a pinch hitter.  Jeff Baker is a pretty decent utility guy and mashes lefties.  Bryan LaHair made the All-Star team.  Paul Maholm has five wins in his last five starts.  Ryan Dempster has an ERA that is more than a run better than league average.  Matt Garza throws hard and has really weird facial hair.  Of the group, only Garza really has the projected sustainable talent to help the Cubs when the games could possibly matter again. 

Theo and Jed, pull the trigger already!

Meanwhile, the Cubs have pulled themselves out of last place in the division and are currently sitting at a record of 40 wins and 58 losses, which projects to 66 and 96 over the course of a full season. 

They are playing better as of late, except against the Redbirds.  Here's another reason I love Twitter, because it gives me baseball stats!  Sweeeeet!

Oh wait, that wasn't something to get excited about.  Why is it every time we play the Cardinals they seem to make our pitching staff look as though they're throwing watermelons to Gallagher?

Yeah, I went there.

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