Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Peachy Sunday

I never eat quite as good as I do during the summer.  Huh, I suppose that can be taken a few different ways:
1. Having my weekly lunch with my grandpa and ordering a cheeseburger & fries every time.  Heck yeah.
2. Ballpark Food!  Entire bags of peanuts, hot dogs, and the occasional adult beverage.  Yum.
3. Fresh fruits and vegetables.

Well, I went to the store this afternoon and I could smell the peaches from the aisle over.  Okay, so I added a  tray of peaches to the cart.  Next to the peaches were saturn peaches.  Yes, like as in the planet Saturn.  Okay, impulse buy, and in the cart they went.  I love buying new foods and giving them a try.  I believe the new fruit I experimented with last year was the grapple.

Well, Laura and I just taste-tested the saturn peach (left) and the traditional peach (right).

Before we get to the review let's see those insides! Man the peach was juicy.  The saturn peach wasn't nearly as fragrant or juicy.  It's pit was also shaped a bit more like the fruit itself.  As you can see, the coloring is quite different between the two.


Here's a nice little display of my ready to devour snack.  

Overall, the regular peach never really stood a chance.  It was ripe, sweet, juicy, and very tasty.  The saturn peach, well, it didn't quite measure up to "super sweet" label that was on the packaging.  I suppose I'll wait a few days and hope they soften up a bit.

If you know of any other strange fruits/veggies out there this summer, please post them in the comments section and I'll look for them in the store!  Thanks!

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