Monday, July 23, 2012

Bobblehead Monday #11

Bobblehead #11
Name: Paul Maholm
Position: Starting Pitcher
Team: Pittsburgh Pirates
Description: 7.25 inches tall; taking ball from glove in middle of pitching motion
Relevance:  In July of 2010 I was able to take in a game at scenic PNC Park with my good friend, Jeff.  We stayed in downtown Pittsburgh, walked across the Clemente Bridge, and were spoiled with freebies once we entered the park.  Free program, free scorecard, free pencil, free t-shirt, and a free bobblehead! 
How Acquired: I won this bobblehead by spinning a “Wheel of Fortune”-esque wheel on the concourse at the ballpark.  It landed on “bobblehead” and I was instantly psyched!  One less bobblehead to purchase for my stadium tour project! Woo-hoo!
Other Notes: Um, yeah, and PNC Park is now my favorite MLB stadium.  Sorry Wrigley Field, PNC has found a way to capture history, tradition, and amenities in the same useable space.
Bonus Note:  Paul Maholm is now a Chicago Cub, so this worked out really well in my eyes.  He’s thrown well this year, I follow him on Twitter, and he seems like a pretty decent guy.
Hopefully, Paul will help usher in a winning tradition at Wrigley Field. Good luck, Paul!

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