Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Coasters and a Sign

First, Happy Birthday, America! 

One of my good friends, Vince, recently had a birthday and I dropped off a small little present the other day for him.

The flying second baseman, Darwin Barney, is on the left.  Starlin Castro, the amazing talented 22-year-old shortstop, is on the right.

 I've done the coaster project before, but these are much better.  For one, the cards are now centered within the coaster.  It took a little babysitting while the epoxy resin solidified, but it was worth it.
Also, I went to a fabric store and picked up Cubbie blue peel-and-stick felt for the backs.  The backs didn't cure properly and were very sticky.  At one point I had the backs of the two coasters stuck together.  Yikes!    The felt, I feel, is a nice solution to the problem.

Vince and his family just returned from their summer vacation to Florida.  They picked up this sign for me and it's awesome!  It now hangs above the entrance to my man cave in the basement.  Gus makes a cameo in the second photo.  (Go figure.)  Thanks, guys!


  1. Thanks for the coasters Tom. I might need 2 more for Christmas. The kids like to use them :) I can give you a couple cards for them. Maybe a Matt Stairs and a Glen allen Hill.