Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bath Time Kitty

Laura went out this morning to check on the garden and our two cats, Gus and Mooshie, snuck out on the back patio to join her.  Ten minutes later, Laura was inside and had corralled Mooshie, but she couldn't find Gus.  She looked outside for the better part of a half-hour, but to no avail.  Laura offered, "He'll be back, he knows where he's fed."  I knew she was right, but I still worry about him. 

Fifteen minutes later he's on the back stoop sopping wet.  Not the "I just got caught in the sprinkler," wet but the "I did something stupid and fell into the neighbor's pool" wet.  His entire coat was wet, even his underbelly, was soaked all the way through.  Gus was not amused.  His nose was scraped up as well in this morning's events as well.  I'm sure there's a good story to be told.  Just wish I could have seen it!

Check the picture above and you'll see the scratches across the white fur of his nose.

Our best guess was that he was chasing something, fell into the pool, and then used the ladder to climb his way out.  I'm just happy he's alright and back doing what he does best: napping the day away.

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