Monday, July 9, 2012

Paddle Boarding on the Illinois

Laura took the first three days of the work week off so that we could celebrate our anniversary together. 

This morning we drove up to Lacon, IL, and we tooled around the Illinois river on our paddle boards.  There was a stretch where I must have been stirring up the Asian Carp, because they were jumping out of the water and harassing Laura right behind me.

We used my cellphone, stored in a waterproof zip bag, to take the above pictures. 

One of the local Lacon residents chatted with us a bit as we were deflating the paddle boards.  I think he was curious as to what we were doing more than anything. He claimed that it looked like we "were walking on water!"

Laura took me to Castaways in Chillicothe for lunch and I devoured an "O burger" stuffed with blue cheese and bacon.  I wanted the cream cheese and jalapeno burger, but my order somehow got mixed up.  C'est la vie.   If you have two minutes, check out this video to get a feel for what the "O burger" is all about.  Pretty good if you ask me.

We returned home to find Gus busy sleeping in a box I brought him from Sam's Club yesterday.  Some things just don't change.

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  1. No wonder Gus was hanging out in that box--it's irisistable, what with the designer shaping along the top edge and the Swedish colors!