Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cardinals Double Cubs to Death

I went with some friends to the Cubs-Cardinals game this past Saturday with the hopes of seeing the Cubs, who were playing decent baseball, sneak out a victory against our fiercest rivals.  Nope, no such luck.
The game was moving along at a pretty fast clip until a major hiccup in the bottom of the seventh inning.  The score was 0 to 0 before the start of the inning, and the game was all but over after the inning.  The Cardinals tied a major league record with seven doubles in one inning and they tied a franchise record by scoring twelve runs in one inning.  My group stood and sarcastically clapped once the third out was recorded.  Oh, the horrors of being a Cubs fan stuck in Busch Stadium after the Cardinals put a twelve spot up on the board.  Actually, the heckling wasn't too bad.

A side note:  I took my sister to the game to celebrate her birthday.  Not only did she put up with the Cubs futility, but she also took the sophomoric shenanigans of my friends and I with grace.  Jane, I'll make it up to you!

We stayed until the bitter end.  My uncle, who was also attending the game with his son, John, offered to show us around the inside of Bush Stadium.  My Uncle Brian has a pretty sweet part time gig working in the control room at the stadium.  He does graphics for the jumbo-tron, pieces together highlight footage, and sometimes works a television camera.  Uncle Brian gave us a quick tour of his main workstation and a brief explanation of what he and his co-workers do during the game. 

Here's some of the pictures of myself and my friends/family in the control room.  (Thanks to Jane for the pictures!)

My sister, Jane, at the sound board.

Jim, captain of our slow-pitch softball team, at the microphone.

Jeff working over the organ.

 Craig editing film.  He's really excited!

Vince using binoculars to makes sure he's got the scoreboard right.

All the other cool jobs were already taken.  So, I just started unplugging cords and reinserting them elsewhere.  That'll teach those crazy Cardinals to beat up on my Cubs!  (Seriously though, no wires were unplugged and we all behaved ourselves on the tour.)

Thanks Uncle Brian and John for putting up with us and showing us some sweet St. Louis hospitality.  And Jane, Happy Birthday!


  1. I love going to Cards-Cubs games at Busch Stadium. There are always a decent number of Cubs fans there, and the rivalry is fun, not mean-spirited, at least in my experiences. Unfortunately my one attempt to go to one at Wrigley was rain delayed long enough we were almost back home before the game started.

  2. All those Cubs fans in the booth and no shenanigans? Guess this isn't the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry, eh?

  3. I love that behind-the-scenes stuff! The 7th inning was just plain old painful for us watching the game at home. At least we suffered in air conditioning. You all are true CUBS fans! Love, Mom