Sunday, May 13, 2012

A "Super" Weekend

My sister, Jane, and I decided last weekend that we wanted to watch Avengers in the movie theater.  I can probably count the number of times I've been to the theater over the last two years on one hand.  So, to make sure we did it right we had a little catching up to do before we actually went to the show.  I had seen both of the Iron Man movies, but more to the back story was missing.

Jane came over on Monday, we had dinner, and watched Thor.  Good story, some nice action scenes, and I was reintroduced to Natalie Portman.

We both managed to squeeze time in to watch Captain America during the week as well.  I thought the story was better than Thor, but there was less humor.

We were ready for the weekend's big Avengers event.  Oh, but first, I had to play super hero!

So we're driving back from the nursery with more than a half-ton of poo in the back of the truck, and Laura says, "Tom, I love you."  Not the most romantic of environments, but she knows how to make me feel like a super hero.

Yes, that's about 1,400 pounds of mushroom compost in the back of my dad's truck.  But have no fear, we defeated that pile of poo!

Here it is again, but this time spread over Laura's new garden bed.  Talk about some smelly stuff.

I cleaned up and turned on the Cubs.  No mistakes about it: they are NOT super heros.

Mail call!  May I introduce you to Mr. Anthony Rizzo, my most recent eBay find.

Rizzo is the 47th ranked prospect in baseball by Baseball America and is absolutely mashing AAA pitching.  I can't wait to see what he can do in Wrigley!  He may be the next big Super Hero for the Cubs... um, I mean All-Star.

Off to see the Avengers!  Jane and I decided to pony up for the 3D price, and it was great.  Two-and-half hours of pure super hero entertainment.  Money well spent!  No Natalie Portman though, although Colbie Smulders had a role (Robin Scherbatsky from How I Met Your Mother).

Just in case you're confused, that's Scarlet Johansson in the movie poster above.  This is Colbie Smulders:

I can easily see why the movie is a considered a blockbuster.  I would definitely recommend it, and you don't even have to possess the back story knowledge that the other movies provided, but it is nice to have and fun to catch up!

Saturday evening we went to the Peoria Chiefs game with the Cokers.  I enjoyed a jalapeno burger with habanero pepper mayonnaise that made my eyes water, and if you know anything about my fondness for heat, then that is saying something.  I'm going to have to visit that "Bugertopia" stand at the ballpark again.

I got my first look at Paul Hoilman who was sporting a twenty-four game hit streak.  He was raking like a single-A baseball super hero, until I jinxed him by showing up to the game.  Sorry about that, Paul!

Today is graduation day at my high school.  The seniors' last day was Tuesday and today I get to witness the culmination of their secondary education.  In a small way, I feel a little bit like a super hero.  Kind of cheesy, I know, but it is neat to hear the valedictorians' speeches and realize I played a small role in their lives. Congrats, grads!

And last, but not least, happy mother's day to my mom!  She's a super hero in my book!

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  1. Tom--I've been enjoying catching up on your blog (very enjoyable reading) and was surprised to see your nice Mother's Day message. Thanks a bunch! Mom P.S. I love you.