Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mail Day Tuesday

Kyle from Just a Bit Outside sponsored a two-box break of 2012 Topps Archives.  I was too late to jump in and claim my Cubs, so I ponied up the very modest fee and snagged the Rockies.

The Rockies?  Yep.  The Rockies.

I'm currently in the process of planning my summer baseball trip, which just so happens to be centered around a few free nights of lodging in Golden, Colorado courtesy of my sister-in-law and her husband.  I'm still working on my 1978 Topps set and I've posted recently (and will again) about my Archives set.  Hopefully, I can track down a couple of local Colorado card shops that would be willing to trade to help me out on my sets.  Another item to add to my travel itinerary!

Here's the Rockies from the two-box break.  He also sent a couple of Cubs, which were greatly appreciated as always!

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