Monday, May 14, 2012

Bobblehead Monday #21

Bobblehead #21
Name: The Oriole Bird
Position: Mascot
Team: Baltimore Orioles
Description: 7 inches; standing with hands on hips in super hero fashion.
Relevance:  The Oriole Bird is the oldest bobblehead in my collection.  I attended an Oriole game at Camden Yards back in summer of 2002-ish and the O’-Bird commemorates that trip.  That game in Baltimore also marked the 4th different major league ballpark that I had visited: the first three were all “local” (Wrigley, Old Busch Stadium, and Old Comiskey Park).
How Acquired: My friend Jeff visited one of those Mastercard tables on the concourse at the ballgame and signed up for a credit card that he never intended to use.  His “prize” for signing up was the bobblehead.
Other Notes: There was a time in which the Oriole Bird bobblehead was affixed behind the back seats of Jeff’s car so that he could wave through the back window to the cars that followed Jeff as he drove.  I’m not sure how long the bobblehead kept that position, but eventually Jeff retired him and gave him to me.  He has a good home now and doesn’t have to work for a living anymore.


  1. I love mondays and bobblehead countdown. I cant wait to see #1. I also want to know how the list was compiled and how tough it was to pick the order. Im sure it was weeks of agonizing pain :)

  2. The order of the bobbleheads were based upon a very unscientific formula... mostly, my admiration of the figure itself, how it was acquired, and relevance to my collection/experiences. The lower the number the more significant it's meaning and the higher it ranks in my heart. Like I said, very scientific!