Friday, July 14, 2017

Mr. 400... becomes Mr. 500!

In a recent blog post I mentioned how I was closing in on a major milestone within my Kerry Wood player collection. I think all of three days passed before I had a PWE in my mailbox from Gavin.  You all know Gavin for his creative posts at Baseball Card Breakdown and his amazing customs, but he's also a super generous dude.

Personally, in these here parts, he's referred to as "Mr. #400."

I'm the nerdy guy who keeps track of his cards AND makes a note as to how they were acquired in a spreadsheet. Don't judge. 

Gavin included a wonderful note written in cursive. It would take me a couple of minutes to knock out a note like this as I would have to pause and recall how to scribe some of the letters. Like most, I'm a fan of printing.
 Here's the 500th different card in my Kerry Wood collection. There were others to choose from in Gavin's PWE, but this one spoke to me. It's got a little bit of that 1980's Sportflics feel to it, but with only one picture instead of the two Sportflics sported.
 Here's number 501: a 1998 Topps Tek card.  This is my fourth different pattern of this card. There's like forty more to chase. Ha!
 Number 502: a nice Ultimate numbered card to 675.
 Number 503: I suppose this really a Greg Maddux card, but I'm counting it!
 It's numbered to 75. Nice!

Kerry Wood doesn't travel alone though. Here's the other Cubs goodness Gavin sent my way:
 Jake Stinnett moves up a couple of notches on the Cubs prospect charts now that Eloy Jimenez and Dylan Cease have been shipped to the south side of Chicago.
 I love me some Super Szczur and The Professor.
 Why can't Topps say "Gold Glove" on the card? "Fielding Award" is pretty generic.
 Ahhh!  Matt Clement!  I have an unofficial Matt Clement collection (Cubs cards only). He's one of my Top Ten favorites since I've been a baseball fan.
 And lastly, a rookie card of the Cubs only All-Star of 2017. Want to know a secret? The All-Star game was the first time I had ever seen Wade Davis pitch. Yep, I've been pretty disenchanted with the team from the get-go this year. I still bleed blue, but I'm getting my Cubs fix through different outlets rather than TV. 

Gavin, thanks for the cards!  Oh, and congrats on the upgrade to Mr. #500! I'll be sure to hit you up once I find a few things that fit in your collection.


  1. Wooo!! Mr. 500!! :)
    Always happy to help. I remember you saying you've got a good appreciation for little notes with trades, so I tried to be as fancy as I could for ya. That's probably the most cursive I've written in a decade or two.

  2. Damn. I wish I could be organized enough to keep track of who sent me what!

    1. Same here.
      I have a collecting handicap in that I have been collecting most of my life can't remember exactly WHEN I started since I was so young (possibly before one starts to remember things). To be honest I never thought until fairly recent years to do any tracking of where cards came from. It has only been within the last 10 years thanks to some mail-day blogging/forum posting that I have any record of some of the cards I've gotten.

  3. Wow. You document where your received every card in your collection? That's the coolest thing I've heard all week.

  4. You just made me want to be a bigger nerd than I already am. I am going to pick a new player to PC and document where every card comes from. What an awesome idea. I'm very impressed.