Thursday, July 6, 2017

Boost to the Grandpa Rossy Collection

Laura and I are currently in the middle of our second of two mini vacations for this summer. It's good timing, because having the summer off and not having my best four-legged friend around the house has made for a few really long days.  In an attempt to turn the page, let's show off some cardboard. Seems like a good time to post some pictures now while the blog is on auto-pilot.

Matt, from Once a Cub, and I have been swapping Cubs-centric materials back and forth. I shipped out a few cereal boxes, a couple of shirts, and some Rizzo Wrap in my last package.  He hooked me up with some nice Topps Now cards for my World Series Binder.

Those are some fine additions to my binder!

Matt didn't stop there as he sent me duplicates of the Topps Now David Ross cards. I have a mini David Ross player collection, predominantly Cubs uniforms, and these made me reach for another 9-pocket page!

The 2013 blue parallel of Reed Johnson's Topps card will also find a home in the binder. It has a nice cameo of Grandpa Rossy on the front. Plus, Reed was a fan favorite during his time in Chicago!

Thanks for the great cards, Matt!


  1. Awesome he be.. Yessss........ BTW, got that huge package today. Wow, thanks! Will get some scanned this weekend and post them.

  2. Nice! The Rizzo is (for now) the only Topps Now card I've bought from the 2017 set.