Tuesday, December 13, 2016

My Blaster of Cubs Came Today!

I pre-ordered the 25-card limited edition 2016 World Series Champions Chicago Cubs boxed set about five weeks back. Today it arrived in my mailbox and although I have other packages lined up to blog about you're going to get the boxed set tonight. And, you're going to like it! (Or, you've already moved on at this point wondering, "When is this guy going to get off this Cubs kick?")

Here we go!  It's picture heavy, so buckle in!
 The set came in a blaster sized box and it came with a blaster sized prize tag, which I was more than willing to pay.
 Here's the reverse side of the box, which I'll place on display somewhere in the man cave. Kudos to the art department at Topps.
 Another side of the box boasts magical postseason moments. Magical? Debatable. Memorable? Heck yeah!

Here's my four favorite cards and the their magical moments.
 I still can't believe Schwarber was able to come back from an ACL tear AND actually get his timing back enough to be a threat in the lineup. What a story!

 Sometimes you need a little luck to win the big ones and this would qualify!

 I like this card because it reminds of how crazy Wrigleyville was during the postseason. It was electric when I was there during the NLCS.

 I've mentioned this before, but the local boy did good!

Six of the seven games of the World Series were featured on the backs of these magical moments cards, with the only omission being Game 4.  The first fifteen cards in the checklist had backs similar to this one.
 The Indians won Game 1, but there was plenty of talk about Schwarber.

 The Cubs evened up the series in Game 2.

 Losing 1-0 in the World Series is tough. I was just on the edge of my seat waiting for that one deep fly to the bleachers . . . it never came.

 Down 3 games to 1, Bryant's big hit got things rolling in Game 5.

Six RBI's in Game 6 by a shortstop who turns twenty-three next month. Yes, the future is bright.

I thought for sure the Cubs were going to win Game 7 when Ross hit his solo shot in the 6th inning. I wound up being right, but not before a roller coaster last three innings.

The last ten cards in the set look slightly different than the ones above. First, the Cubs logo is back and the World Series logo has been relocated off the corner piping.  The backs of the cards have all of the player's career stats.

Baez, Russell, Bryant, Rizzo, Contreras, Zobrist, Schwarber, Lester, Arrieta, and Chapman get the solo card treatment.

I'm very disappointed that Kyle Hendricks, Mike Montgomery and Carl Edwards were left off the checklist entirely. Those three arms were relied on pretty heavily during the World Series. For the record, Dexter Fowler was given a magical moments card for his lead-off homer in Game 7.

World Series Championships don't come around that often, and even if there are more in near future for the Cubs, the first one after a 108 year long drought will be the one that I celebrate and day dream about the most. Flipping through a binder with these card in pages will make sure of that.

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  1. Awesome set, thanks for sharing! I need to find one of these for myself.

  2. Topps usually does a nice job with these WS sets, and this one definitely has some unique cards. That Wrigleyville card is incredible, I might have to grab one of those some day. The Ross/Rizzo catch is a nice one as well. And you probably wont see another card with Kyle Schwarber listed as a 'DH' (unless he's traded to an AL team)

  3. I would have definitely liked to see more player cards - maybe even all 25 of the men to appear on the WS roster. I don't think I'll be picking one of these up,but I'll definitely be on the look out for stray singles.

  4. Very cool! Might have to jump on a set of these if I can find one at the right price.