Friday, December 30, 2016

Last Pack War of 2016

This past year was one of ups and downs...  I'm not going to get into the high and low points, because they have been rehashed many times over by the news, social media and even our little corner of the blog world.

I'm here today to share with you one of the high points.  How's that sound?
Meet the Game Day Director of Smiles for the Williamsport Crosscutters.

Rhashan says you should smile. When Rhashan speaks about smiling, you listen, and you smile.  A lot.

Don't ask questions. Don't Pass Go. Just smile.

Here's another reason to smile:
Is there a more recognizable minor leaguer around the blogs? Nope.
Did I mention this was a package from Zippy Zappy?  Nope.  (I thought showing a custom of the best catching prospect suiting up for the Staten Island Yankees would pretty much give it away.)

Ohhhhhh... a purple serial numbered Lackey.  Look at that pitcher's face!
 Preston Morrison was drafted in the 8th round of the 2015 draft and to date he has a 1.92 ERA in 150 innings of minor league ball as a starter. He's a legit pitching prospect, but he's been flying under the radar because he doesn't throw 95+ mph. Not to be forgotten, the border on this card is black, which I believe means it's an Bowman Asia edition card. Very nice!

Are you ready?  It's time for the first Pack War on the newly named Eamus Catuli blog, but the last Pack War for the blog in 2016.

The Zippy Zappy pack is on the left and boasts seven cards. Also weighing in at seven cards is a 2016 pack of Topps Opening Day. Let's get to it!

Round 1:
Ian Kinsler is a favorite of mine. I feel he's an undervalued second baseman in fantasy baseball and he has helped me win a couple of championships in the past. This card also makes good use of the horizontal layout.
Corey Black was sent to Cubs from the Yankees for Alfonso Soriano. He currently has more saves (12) than hits given up (10) in 21 winter league innings. He's hitting the mid 90's consistently and his control is coming around. The Corey Black card is also new to my collection!

Zippy Zappy = 1
2016 Topps OD = 0

Round 2:

Mookie Betts is a dynamic player, but Jake Arrieta pitches like a boss with a lumberjack beard. That, for the record, is pretty hard to top.

Updated Score:
Zippy Zappy = 2
2016 Topps OD = 0

Round 3:
Nolan Arenado is a heavy hitter and it's my belief that he should have been given more recognition for the 2016 season he just had. Kris Bryant was a nearly unanimous choice for MVP and Arenado's stats are right there with Bryant's.
On the other hand, Soler is going to RAKE in Kansas City this summer and this card will sky rocket in value to the point where I can buy that Porsche to get me through my inevitable midlife crisis. Thank you in advance, Jorge. 

Updated Score:
Zippy Zappy = 3
2016 Topps OD = 0

Round 4:
Joe Maddon may like him, but I'm not a Davey Martinez fan. King Felix is king. The card collecting world needs more fun inserts.
Topps is on the board.

Updated Score:
Zippy Zappy = 3
2016 Topps OD = 1

Round 5:
Lary with only one R? Really?  Tom Murphy is a decent catching prospect, but he's no Luis Alfonso Saez Torrens. 

Updated Score:
Zippy Zappy = 4
2016 Topps OD = 1

Round 6:
A hustling Dunston who looks ready to add more dirt to his jersey... very nice.
The back of Hector Santiago's card quotes him as saying, "I've evolved into a pitcher who can throw five or six pitches for a strike, and I think that's a game-changer." Ugh. That reminds me of a pitcher I coached on the high school baseball team who claimed to throw six pitches, although he couldn't count on any of them to be a strike other than his four-seamer. Double Ugh.
Dunston in a landslide.

Updated Score:
Zippy Zappy = 5
2016 Topps OD = 1

Round 7:
I love me some Stadium Club. I do not love me some Cardinals. Moving on.

Updated Score:
Zippy Zappy = 6
2016 Topps OD = 1

It has come to my attention that I have been gifted two bonus cards in my ZZ Pack and I'm out of Opening Day. The wrapper states there are seven in the ZZ Pack, but in fact there are nine cards. The last pack in my reserves is a 2014 Bowman Chrome pack of 4 cards. It'll have to do.

 Round 8:
Xander Bogaerts is a very talented player for sure and this appears to be his rookie card.
Mike Montgomery came over in the VOGELMONSTER trade, thus I want him to perform well. (I don't want to ever have to think about the Cubs trading away my favorite player for what amounted to a bag of balls.) Montgomery is off to a nice start with the Cubs as he earned his first save in Game 7 of the World Series. For the record, he's pictured on the card playing for the Northwest Arkansas Naturals. Naturally, he tops Xander in this cardboard match-up. 

Updated Score:
Zippy Zappy = 7
'16 OD & '14 Bowman Chrome = 1

Round 9:
 Shawn Boskie was an okay pitcher for the Cubs and 1992 Topps is one of my favorite sets, but this is not my first copy of this card.
A uber-shiny mini card of Francisco Lindor? Yeah, that's pretty cool. One more point for the Opening Day & Chrome tandem.

Final Score: 
Zippy Zappy = 7
'16 OD & '14 Bowman Chrome = 2

There you go.  I think Rhashan would be happy, because I'm smiling from ear-to-ear after ZZ's pack took Topps to the woodshed.

Thanks for the great cards Zippy Zappy!  I'll keep my eyes peeled for more padawans... of the Yankees Padres and Star Wars variety.

As always, thanks for reading and a happy early new year to you all!


  1. Great stuff from Zippy! (And hey, I could use those 2 Chrome pulls if you've got no plans for them.) I've got a zapping of my own I still need to sort out and post about soon.

  2. That Rhashan card, and your write-up of it, did indeed make me smile. Job well done, Rhashan.

    I think we need an official's review on that Monty-Xander battle though ;P

  3. Love the Rhashan relic. I know that I definitely need to try and smile more often. Happy New Year!