Sunday, December 18, 2016

Holiday Tidings of Bunting

Adam, from the Infield Fly Rule blog, has become my dumping ground for all of my unwanted Rockies cards. He recently took the time to write a nice note and send me some Cubs cards for my collection.

I'm not sure how the majority of collectors, who have a player collection, deal with a player cameo card.
Me? It goes straight into the binder without hesitation. Although, I do mark it with "cameo" in my check list. As an added bonus, I like how all the players on this card have ties to the Cubs, as Neifi and EY both had careers in Chicago later in their careers.

Not quite sure where I was going with the title to this blog post. I was trying to make a play on words with bunting, which isn't the right decoration for this time of year.
 Instead, this title has left me confused and my mind is too congested and clouded with cold medicine to correct the pun attempt. Sorry, folks.
 There were fourteen cards in Adam's PWE and SEVEN of them show players bunting. How crazy is that?

Thanks for the cards, Adam! And happy holidays to you and yours!


  1. I love that Lancaster bunt. Really shows how NOT to put down a sacrifice as Les is putting up his bunt.

  2. That's a lot of bunting! I'm amazed at some of the ways that collectors classify these cards; its rare that I notice a 'cameo' unless it's a superduper star or something very unique - like a 5 year-old Patrick Kane appearing on Sylvain Turgeon's Pinnacle card (or is that a separate 'fan cameo' card?)

  3. I think a lot of these originally came from Jeff. But I knew that Neifi card belonged with a Cubs collector.

  4. WoW That Perez card is something to treasure..The little jump, the dust in the air..