Thursday, December 22, 2016

How Many Rips Does It Take...

How many rips does it take to get to the center of a rip card?

Apparently there are 25 of these bad boys floating around out there and maybe you've seen a couple of these around the blogs lately.
 Well, needless to say, this is my first experience with a rip card.  But, I think you'll see that as you scroll down.
 You'll have to let me know if I'm going about it wrong.
 Seriously, what is my major malfunction?
 I thought I could just peel back the corners. I don't want to hurt the prize inside!
 I decided with all of the paper loss (on both sides) that I might be able to see about the location of the card inside if I held it up to a bright light.

Yes, success, but not before poor Tony Gwynn was ripped to shreds.

The prize on the inside?
 It's a 1-of-1 Ryne Sandberg Baseball Card Breakdown magnet created by Gavin!

How cool is that?
 Very cool. Very cool, indeed.

Thanks for sending me my first rip card, Gavin! The Ryno magnet is fantastic!


  1. You're welcome! :) While I've never ripped a rip card (not even one of my own custom ones yet, to be honest.. I probably should have done a test run!), I think real rip cards have like a pull tab to help you get started. Having the prize be a magnet (instead of a standard mini card) was a way to avoid anyone accidentally damaging it in the rip.

  2. I'm gonna try a different technique and take a razor blade to mine. That's how I used to open those 1998 Zenith Dare to Tear cards. I love the Gwynn too much to rip it to shreds.

  3. I know the Gwynn was mass-produced and thus, relatively, without value...but it still pains me to see this done to his cards. Jonny Gomes: Yes. Hell Yes. Please. Gwynn? Really?

    1. Sorry, Peter! I assure you I love Tony Gwynn and he is the #1 guy I collect. Look at it this way: He's be a big part of the holidays on the cardsphere this year! The ripping is a celebration!

      As a Padres fan/collector, I have hundreds of Gwynn cards. I only need one of each.. all the extras I've ended up with are just taking up space. I usually throw in at least one with any eBay card sale of mine.. just trying to thin them out and spread them around. If any traders I knew needed them, I'd be more than happy to hook them up. If anyone reading this wants literally hundreds of Gwynn cards (many dupes), I'm definitely willing to mail them for the cost of postage. Just let me know!