Thursday, December 15, 2016

Shrapnel, Glorious Shrapnel

Bob Walk the Plank and JBF just concluded their recent war of cardboard, and I must have gotten to close to the action, because I was hit with some shrapnel.

And . . . It. Was. Awesome.
Did you hear David Ross is writing a book? It's titled Teammate, and he'll make a profit just on the sales from middle-aged Cub fans, like myself, who have fallen for his charm. 

Per usual, Matt's mailings contain few cards, but what they lack in quantity they make up for in quality.
Oscar De La Cruz packs a plentiful punch of pitching potential and a curly-Q autograph. I saw this card the other day for the first time and I filled my Ebay watchlist with about a half-dozen different auctions hoping to pounce on one that didn't sell well. I guess I can go delete those now!

 Speaking of pitching potential:
 Edwards is no longer a prospect, but I still think he's some ways off from reaching his ceiling. 2017 will be his first full year on the 25-man roster and I'm expecting big things from him. This Bowman Sterling card is sweet looking in hand!

To this point I've shown two autos of guys, in the middle of their pitching motion, who don't really display what I would call "pitcher's face." You know what I'm talking about...  those max effort delivery guys who look beet red, with eyes bulging and teeth gnarling.

Cruz looks calm and Edwards is focused.

I give you Kerry Wood:
Serial numbered to 25, three colored patch, Wrigley Field in the background, and some fairly decent pitcher's face of my favorite pitcher of all time! This is my kind of shrapnel!

Thanks for the great cards, Matt! I just came down with a head cold and this was just the pick-me-up I needed!  (An aside: I don't get kids these days . . . I give them a decent education and they give me germs? Hmph.)

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  1. I'll be laying down my hard earned money for a copy of that book as well - he is quite charming. Awesome stuff, as always, from Matthew!

  2. I might have to find the book as well, as long as he discusses his time with the 2013 Red Sox.

  3. David Ross was a Pirate for about 20 seconds, maybe I should buy the book too.

    Glad you liked the cards. The patch was the selling point on that Kerry Wood. Get well soon my friend.

  4. Man... that patch is nice. Hope you feel better. That's the thing... I think as teachers, our bodies know when we're going on break. That's when they decide to break down... so we don't have to take time off from work.

    1. Fuji, you nailed it. I'm sick on breaks more than I am during school. Stupid body.

  5. I was going to send you a note about Ross's book. You are more likely to see him in your neck of the woods for a book signing tour so please keep me in mind if you see something pop up!