Wednesday, December 28, 2016

From Dime Boxes to My Collection

I love the good old-fashioned PWE. It's nice receiving new cards and a PWE comes with the added bonus of knowing that there can be only so many cards within.
I've been after this card of Ben Zobrist forever!

You guys/gals ever get tired of sorting and collating? As much as I love a large card package, the future task of cataloging and filing those cards away can be daunting.
Don't get me wrong, I love a padded mailer as much as the next blogger. It's those flat rate boxes and the like which sometimes seem to be a little overwhelming for this borderline OCD collector.
Nick, everybody's favorite Dime Box guy, seems to get me.
You see, Nick has mastered the art of safely placing a dozen or more cards in one PWE.

Plus, they're from Nick and we all know that he comes across some of the coolest cardboard around the blogs.
 I mean, seriously. Doug Glanville cards of him in minor league uniforms?  Wow. My Glanville player collection is now bordering on epic.

I still think the "Pride and Perseverance" insert set was the best from 2015. I have a modest Jim Abbott collection and this is a terrific addition.
 It's good to know my want-lists are getting looked at. This is the second sumo-Berkman in the last week to grace my mailbox. Now I just have to learn to open my mail quicker and update the want-list just as fast.  My bad.
This is where the Cubs played before they mover to 1060 W. Addison St.
I didn't know this card existed. I think it will serve as the card to show right before my Wrigley Field Celebrates 100 Years set, which I'm still working on.
Nick's stamps are baseball themed. How cool is that?

Thanks for a great assortment of cards and thinking of me during the holidays, Nick! 


  1. West Side Grounds has a card? Well, you learn something new everyday!

  2. Flat-rate boxes can be a bit daunting and besides, who has the money to ship those? The PWE is where it's at!

    Glad I was able to pack some needs into this envelope. I'd actually had an extra copy of that Berkman for a while before I saw it on your want list, my apologies for not noticing that sooner.

    1. I agree... the PWE is great.
      No worries on the Berkman. I need to get to my mail sooner and update lists quicker. That's my bad.